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Andrej Kosmrlj (Princeton University) Statistical mechanics of ribbons

Bryan Chen (UMass-Amherst) Rigid origami as a marginal solid

Carl Goodrich (Harvard) Knitting with colloids: active assembly at the micron scale

Chandan Dasguta (Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore) Activity-induced fluidization in dense glassy systems

Chih-Kuan Tung  (North Carolina A&T State University) Viscoelasticity promotes collective swimming of sperm

Daphne Klotsa (University of North Carolina) Two spheres and a spring make a good swimmer

Francesc Sagues (University of Barcelona) Control of active nematics from oriented surfaces

Frank Cichos (Universitat Leipzig) Real and artificial interactions of artificial microswimmers

Martin Van Hecke (Amolf and Leiden University) Floxelated metamaterials

Michelle Driscoll (NYU) Instabilities of colloidal rollers near a horizontal floor

Oleg Lavrentovich (Kent State University) Living liquid crystals based on swimming bacteria in chromonics

Orit Peleg (Harvard University) Dynamic morphology in honeybee swarms

Sasha Hilgenfeldt (University of Illinois) Mechanical energy in tissues and its connection to cell geometry and statistics

Shiladitya Banerjee (University of Chicago) Competing pathways of contraction in active polymer networks

Sophie Ramananarivo (UCSD) Manipulating colloidal assemblies with active dopants

Taeyoon Kim (Purdue University) Micromechanical model of collective cell migration

Tahir Yusufaly (USC) Spatial dispersal of bacterial colonies induces a phase transition from local to global quorum sensing

Victor Yaskunsky (Institute Curie) Insights into active multicellular nematics

Viva Horowitz (Hamilton College) Walking the tightrope

Yair Shokef (Tel Aviv University) Shape regulation generates elastic interaction between active force dipoles

Ying Liu (North Carolina State University) Self folding of polymer sheets

Zeb Rocklin (University of Michigan) Programming smart matter via topology

Zi Chen (Thayer School of Engineering, Dartmouth College) Mechanics without Muscles: Rapid Motion of the Venus flytrap and Bio-mimetic Structures

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