Poster Session I

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  1. Adam Patch (Syracuse University). Kinetics of motility-induced phase separation and swim pressure.
  2. Alexandre Morin (ENS Lyon, France). Flocking through disorder.
  3. Antoine Aubret (University of California San Diego). Light-structured colloidal assemblies.
  4. Ayhan Duzgun (Kent State University). Active Brownian particles near straight or curved walls: Pressure and boundary layers
  5. Berta Martínez Prat (Universitat de Barcelona). Detecting the bend instability of extensile active nematics.
  6. Blaise Delmotte (Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, NYU). Fingering and clustering instability in suspensions of rollers: computational study and potential applications.
  7. Dan Gorbonos (Weizmann Institute of Science). Long-range Acoustic Interactions in Insect Swarms – An Adaptive Gravity Model
  8. Edward Lee (Cornell University). Machine learning to classify coordinated motion of experts and novices
  9. Enkeleida Lushi (Brown University). Hydrodynamic self-organization of micro-rotors.
  10. Hidenori Tanaka (Harvard University). Self-replicating colloidal clusters in two dimensions.
  11. Isaac Bruss (University of Michigan). Active particles confined to curved surfaces.
  12. Jonas Denk (LMU Munich). Active Curved Polymers form Vortex Patterns on Membranes.
  13. Lee Walsh (University of Massachusetts). Noise and diffusion in vibrated self-propelled particles.
  14. Lorenz Huber (Arnold-Sommerfeld-Center for Theoretical Physics, LMU Munich). Emergent Vortex Patterns in Systems of Self-Propelled, Chiral Particles.
  15. Marco Leoni (Institut Curie). Model of cell crawling controlled by mechanosensitive molecular clutches.
  16. Matej Kranjc (Jozef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana). Surface-tension-based mechanics of folding epithelium.
  17. Matthias Merkel (Syracuse University). Glassy dynamics in a model for confluent 3D tissues.
  18. Michael Varga (Liquid Crystal Institute). Simulation Studies of Flexible Active Nematics.
  19. Nicholas Kelley (Syracuse University). Engineering Hydrogel-Based Novel Bacterial Co-Culture Systems Using 3D Bioprinting.
  20. Oksana Manyuhina (Syracuse University). Defect driven shapes in cell division. 
  21. Prashant Mishra (Syracuse University). Negative stiffness and modulated states in compressible active nematics.
  22. Rajesh Ramaswamy (Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems). Hybrid particle-mesh method for active polar fluids and application to mechanochemical patterning on surfaces.  
  23. Shengfeng Cheng (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University). Self-assembly and Nanomechanics of Microtubules.
  24. Silvanus Alt (The Francis Crick Institute, London). Epithelial Mechanics in 3D – how form follows force.
  25. Simeon Carstens (NYU) Bayesian determination of chromatin structures from HiC data
  26. Tyler Shendruk (University of Oxford). Self -organisation of spin-states in active nematics.
  27. Vikrant Yadav (University of Massachusetts at Amherst). Dynamic Phases in Actively Driven Microtubule Networks.
  28. Yaouen Fily (Brandeis University). Active particles on curved surfaces.

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